full-scale range, (practical) (of a linear analog-to-digital converter or digital-to-analog converter) (VFSR or IFSR) (VFSRpr or IFSRpr)

The total range of analog values that correspond to the ideal straight line.

NOTE 1 The qualifying adjective "practical" may nearly always be deleted from this term, provided that the term "nominal full-scale range" is not also shortened by deleting "nominal". This permits use of the shorter letter symbols or abbreviations. (See note 2.)

NOTE 2 In place of the letter symbols "VFSR" and "IFSR", the abbreviation "FSR" is commonly used; in place of the letter symbols "VFSRpr" and "IFSRpr", the abbreviation "FSR(pr)" is commonly used.

NOTE 3 The (practical) full-scale range has only a nominal value because it is defined by the end points of the ideal straight line.

EXAMPLE Using a straight binary n-bit code format, it follows that

FSR = (2n - 1) x (nominal value of step width), for an analog-to-digital converter, and

FSR = (2n - 1) x (nominal value of step height), for a digital-to-analog converter.


JESD99B, 5/07

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