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Membership in JEDEC is open to companies and organizations conducting business that itself or through a related entity manufactures electronic equipment or electronics-related products or related services. Membership is company based.

Companies may designate one primary member and an unlimited number of alternate members to the committee(s) of their choice. Representatives from subsidiaries are also welcome to participate through the parent corporation.  Only one representative from each company, subsidiaries included, may vote on each ballot. The range of activities covered by each JEDEC committee is published in the JEDEC Scope Manual JM18.

With prior approval of the committee chair, a company representative may attend a committee meeting as a guest to see first-hand the benefits of participating in JEDEC.


Annual dues are calculated on a calendar year basis (January – December).

Dues Summary
Special new member company discount
Pay only $3,200 for the first year’s dues when joining one committee and its subcommittees. Available for new member companies only.
One committee and its subcommittees $6,400
Two committees and their subcommittees $10,500
Three committees and their subcommittees $15,300
Four or more committees and their subcommittees $19,200

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