Patent Policy


Patent Policy Summary

  • All JEDEC Member Companies and their Representatives agree to abide by the JEDEC patent policy.  The commitment applies to entities that participate in JEDEC Committees but are not JEDEC members, including having a representative present at any point in a meeting of a committee or task group.  It continues as long as the Committee Member or Representative is a member of or a participant in a particular JEDEC committee. 
  • All Member Companies and their Representatives are required to disclose all known Potentially Essential Patent Claims owned or controlled by the Member Company. 
  • All Member Companies agree to license their Essential Patent Claims on RAND terms and conditions. 
  • If a Member Company knows it would be unwilling to license its Essential Patent Claims on RAND terms, the member must notify the committee chair and withdraw from the committee within 120 days after giving the notice.
  • The disclosure and licensing obligations of Member Companies and their Representatives are limited to Standards developed in the particular JEDEC committees in which they are members or in which they participate.
See Section 8.2 of JM21

Patent Forms

In June 2010 JEDEC revised its Manual of Operation and Procedure, JM21. A major change in the document is a revision to the JEDEC patent policy and the addition of required forms for License Assurance/Disclosure and Notice of Refusal to Offer Licenses on RAND terms.
These forms are available in PDF format below and can be filled out electronically using Adobe Acrobat.  You must then save the file to your computer and submit to JEDEC as instructed. 


 View a presentation on the JEDEC patent policy.


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