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Technology Focus Areas

For over 50 years, JEDEC has been the global leader in developing open standards and publications for the microelectronics industry. JEDEC committees provide industry leadership in developing standards for a broad range of technologies. Current areas of focus include:

Open Standards Enable Innovation and Grow Markets

Find out more about open standards and the benefits of participating in JEDEC standards development.

JEDEC committees develop open standards, which are the basic building blocks of the digital economy and form the bedrock on which healthy, high-volume markets are built.  For example, JEDEC's semiconductor memory standards - from dynamic RAM chips and memory modules to DDR synchronous DRAM and flash components - have enabled huge markets in PCs, servers, digital cameras, MP3 players, smart phones, automotive and HDTV, to name just a few.  

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Committee Meetings

JC-16,40,42,45,63,64 6 - 10 Mar 2017
JC-11 8 - 9 Mar 2017
Board of Directors 24 Apr 2017
JC-14 9 - 11 May 2017
JC-13 15 - 18 May 2017


JEDEC Quality & Reliability TG in China
9 - 10 Mar 2017
Palm Springs
22 May 2017
Server Forum
Santa Clara
19 Jun 2017
JEDEC Mobile & IOT Forum
26 Jul 2017
JEDEC Mobile & IOT Forum
28 Jul 2017